Rawbiotics offers a 100% natural solution to gut health. Each bottle contains 12 live, active cultures that have been fermented for 21 days leaving each bottle filled with billions and billions of good bacteria. This makes our product one of the world’s most potent but successful probiotics on the market today. Taking just one shot a day can improve your health and digestion whilst making your skin shine and your lips smile.


Rawbiotics Daily has helped me to sleep better and I feel more energized during the day now.

Thank you Rawbiotics!


“Works well. I've been using these probiotics for a while now and I'm feeling a difference in my digestion.”  Nick


“Great product. I've had quite a problem with constipation and irregularity, but this cleared it right up. A 1l bottle lasts about a month which makes it great value for money.” Carina


“I am a person that always suffers with constipation. I tried this product a few days ago when I was really struggling and have noticed a great difference. I would honestly recommend thus product. The taste isn't so great, but that is to be expected.” Shaleen


I had serious problems with IBS, leaky gut syndrome that at times the pain was really so bad, I struggled to even function properly. Since taking Rawbiotics gut there is a huge difference in my colon...barely know any bloating, spasms or pain....I highly recommend this product to any one with colon problems.

Will definitely change your life.


Desiree Snyman

Desiree Snyman

I was diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome a year ago. Constant constipation and feeling all bloated up became part of my life daily.

With the current economic situation in our country it is not always easy to buy food that will not have an effect on you if you have leaky gut syndrome.  So I tried out the Rawbiotics gut to see if it will help lessen the symptoms.

Much to my surprise within a week or two the bloating started to subside as well as my constipation.  Not only that, my symptoms for my reflux also subsided to a point that I went on for days without heartburn.

I want to give Rawbiotics gut two thumbs up for making my life easier without breaking my bank balance.


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